Our Team

The Team

Our goal is to create a leading international  preventive dental institute to benefit under-served children.

Dr. Don B. Sand, DDS

Dr. Sand is a graduate of the  University  of Michigan. He  completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at  Loma Linda's dental school.  He has worked in both cosmetic dentistry private practice, dental consulting as well as working to grow organizations with a mission to  help under-served children

Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, PhD, MPH, MBA

Dr. Beardsley-Hardy has served as the director of education for close to 8,000 schools including medical and dental schools.  She has traveled extensively to coach education institutions around the world including Europe, Asia,  South America and the United States. Dr. Beardsley-Hardy believes the answers to improving health care for youth will depend on the  commitment to education.

Mr. Christian Wilson

Christian Wilson-CIO of HawaiiCSI.org, is an internet marketing professional and search engine optimization analyst. Prior to his current position, he worked as a senior analyst and as an internet consultant at the Polynesian Cultural Center for 27 years.